Network Update: BTC-Alpha deposits and Cubix

Hi CNETters,

Many of you have been experiencing issues on BTC-Alpha and the Cubix wallet.

On the BTC-Alpha side, we managed to resolve the issue where deposits weren’t reflecting in your exchange accounts. This has now been resolve and any deposits made since the 27 June should now be reflecting.

With respect to the Cubix wallet, many of you may have been getting “Insufficient funds” or the wallet may have been displaying an incorrect balance, compared to what is seen on CNETScan.┬áIt seems that there is an issue with the previous US and EU nodes that can be selected in the top right corner. Yesterday we released a new node option at the top of the list, that is linked directly to one of our CNETScan nodes, as displayed below:

By selecting this node, all should be well again. You can download the new release of the wallet from our GitHub repo.