We are proud to announce the release of CNET Pool, a ContractNet mining pool. Many of you may have noticed intermittent delays on the network over the past few weeks. These have been caused by powerful mining operators pointing their hardware at the ContractNet network and as a result pushing up the difficulty. This is normally expected, however, these miners would then stop, leaving the difficulty extremely high, and there was not enough remaining hash rate to process blocks timeously.

We decided to add a pool to the roadmap in order to empower the community (and incentivise them) in assisting in stabilising the network.

Like Ethereum, ContractNet uses the Dagger-Hashimoto mining algorithm. The pool can be reached at and we offer both HTTP (8888) and Stratum (8008) bindings. Over the next few days we will release tutorials on how to connect your GPU mining rigs (CPU mining is not recommended due to the current difficulty) to the network. What we can say is that we have found far more stability using Claymore mining software on the Stratum (port 8008) binding.