Blockchain Explorer – 18 Jun 2018 (Completed)

Similar to the industry gold standard Integrates with a node and caches data. Available at

Web Wallet – 2 Aug 2018 (Completed)

Website that allows for the creation of CNET wallets. This can be run offline and will generate a private key for the user to store on paper. Basic smart contracts can be authored and deployed to the blockchain.

Mining Pool – 16 Aug 2018 (Completed)

A Stratum based mining pool for the ContractNet network. 1% pool fee with multiple payouts per day. This was included in the roadmap to alleviate network hashrate instability.

Desktop Wallets – 24 Sep 2018

Installers for Windows & Mac OS X. Will allow for the creation of Smart Contracts.

Mobile Wallets – 7 Nov 2018

Apps for iOS & Android.

Protocol Development – 5 Feb 2019

  • Develop protocol
  • Integrate Storage Layer & Permission Structure into the Blockchain
  • Develop Write Storage Nodes
  • Develop Read Storage Nodes
  • Decide on a fee structure to incentivise storage nodes and implement

Release SDKs – 19 Mar 2019

  • C
  • Java
  • Python
  • Golang
  • JS
  • C#

Oracle Hub – 11 Jun 2019

The Oracle Hub will be a sharing space where Oracles and Smart Contracts can be shared by the ContractNet team or by 3rd party developers. In addition, users will be allowed to browse the oracle hub for IoT data that they can request access to.

Wallet Rework to Sharing of IoT Streams – 24 Jul 2019

Once the Protocol has been developed, we will need to incorporate these changes into the desktop wallets. These changes will:

  • Implement FSolidM as per the whitepaper
  • Allow an Oracle writer to set permissions to his IoT
  • Allow an Oracle writer to set a fee on his feeds
  • View the streams that a user owns, and which ones have been shared with them
  • Allow a user to share his streams on the Oracle Hub
  • Allow a user to create smart contracts
  • Allow a user to share his smart contract on the Oracle Hub.